Lock Security Explained: Why a high quality lock for your door is important

You need a high-quality lock for your door. Whether it is for your business office or for your home, you need to make sure that you are leaving places secure, and not vulnerable to other people. In this article, we are going to be taking a look at why it is important that you have a high quality lock for your door. Keep reading down below if you would like to find out more about lock security.

Highly Rated Locks Can Prevent More People Getting In

The main purpose of a secure lock is preventing people from getting into your home or your office. There are obvious reasons that you wouldn’t want someone in your home while you’re not there, including if you’re worried they are going to steal from you. Other than that, you just might not want someone in your personal space. An office can also be considered personal space which is why a lot of people lock the doors for this area too. Locks are the effective option if you want to stop people entering a place that is yours, you just need to make sure that you have got a high-quality one installed.

Not only are you protecting your items, but you are protecting yourself and your family. Your family is the most important thing to you, so keeping them safe should be your number one priority. Improve your home or office’s lock security with the help of lockSHAW’s locksmiths.

The Harder You Make It..

The harder you make it to get into your home or office, the less likely someone is to try. If they know that it has been made extremely difficult for them to gain access to the premises, then they are not going to waste their time attempting to do so. For example unbranded / no Kitemark rating euro cylinders are often broken into using lock snapping because they are so simple to get into. They aren’t made to the high standard that they should be, and as such leave the place susceptible to problems. 

Instead, you should have 3 star rated locks like the ones from Ultion and ABS. These are stronger, and harder to break into. If someone sees one of these locks, and understands anything about locks at all, they will know that it is far more difficult to crack this lock than others on the market. Realistically, this should deter anyone from trying to gain entry. At lockSHAW we offer a free lock security review, we can let you know lock ratings on your existing doors and advised how these could be improved. This might be with using 3 Kitemark rated locks and/or a more secure door handle.

Keeps Everything Safe, Lock security Grantham

You want the contents of your home or office to be safe and secure, which is where a high quality lock comes in. You want to know that when you are not around, your items are safe and you are not going to come back to anything missing. A high-quality lock ensures that this is going to be the case, and that only someone with a key will be able to access the inside. 

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